I know its been a while since I posted but I am currently setting up a NoiseTrade account for those who would rather have an eBook version of the Auld Sod instead of a hard copy! I will soon be posting that link! Stay tuned! Continue reading NoiseTrade


Its Tuesday so, as I said, it is time to post another poem! This one is called ‘Patricius’. Patricius I Born into a family of wealth and influence I sat under Roman ordinance. Divine text and prayer – my education I took for granted the tradition. II In time the Empire lacked potency and outlying … Continue reading Patricius

The Wait is Over!

The wait is over! The Auld Sod, my first self-published book of prose and poetry, has arrived! My goal was to write with the mindset of the Irish in days past and how they viewed their world. Here is a sample poem: The Wake I have always found my wits in a gutter but this … Continue reading The Wait is Over!

Hello world!

Well, for starters, I am new to WordPress and new to blogging in general. (Ok. You got me. I just looked up what a blog was by definition.) Anyway, on to my purpose. A few years ago, I had written some poetry but it was not until this year that I had moved forward with … Continue reading Hello world!